Females are remarkable in nature. However one of the fundamental qualities that would allow the female species to fully embrace both her nature and being seem to be missing from this society. This is why I have chosen to take a year devoted specifically to one project. The project: an exploration into journalistic photography and design. This series will focus solely on the female being. When I mention the terms “female being” I am hinting to not just what makes one female – but what makes each female diverse, and empowered.

This series will allow me to interview each female who volunteers to be a part of the series. Each interview starts out with 15 questions. The purpose of the interview is to not only see into the lives of these women, but to try and understand their underlying being.

The interview process allows me to take a step back from myself and view each woman wholly and individually. This in turn allows me to become inspired by each woman. This inspiration then leads me to develop a photograph of each female which will be taken at a later date. Each photograph will be different because each female inspires something different within me –and I hope that this inspiration will lead each of the women I photograph to develop a sense of divergence.

I am under the strong belief that each woman has inside of her a "being" of which few have found. This "being" allows the woman to connect to herself in ways that can allow them to grow exponentially. Women seem to be afraid to fully embrace who they are and be proud of how remarkable they truly can be. We tend to hide within ourselves – being afraid of what would or could happen if we shed fear and embraced courage.

The courage of divergence is what I hope to help these women explore – as well as myself. 

I need courageous women who feel as if they have story to tell – even if you feel as if you do not have story, this does not mean that you will not inspire another woman to be courageous and embrace her story. I am looking for real women who may be afraid – but who are willing take part in something monumental.

You can check out the "Courage of Divergence" Facebook page for details on the project as well as contacting me to participate in this series.