When it comes to the art field, there are so many amazing mentors to grasp onto and motivators to inspire you. A running theme that I have noticed while reading artist self help books is that one of the most important things an artist can do to get out of a "slump" (I like to call it a sleeping bag of jackassery) is to continue on doing work. Yeah, I know, in order to feel like doing work, I have to actually do work? I actually tested this in 2015. I made it a point, albeit not a strict one, to do something artistic every single day. Now, did I complete such an incredible feat? Frak. No. In fact, I was lucky to do something artsy once every couple of weeks. I did not pay too much mind to it. After all I have many more things to worry about, like not choking on my lunch while working from home. Anyway, yes, the point: 2015 was a very productive year for me considering. So my brain got-ta-turnin' and I thought, hey, why don't I just add in the little things I craft in this section. Will I fulfill my dream of crafting and sharing daily? Ehh, maybe. That is a lot of commitment and I already own a needy dog who demands to be held like a nesting cat. 

So, what will you see here? Just random shit, I promise you. I might hook it up to a fancy Instagram account or whatever it is the kids are doing now-a-days. Some images might be in progress, some might be completed works/pieces/crafts, some might just be close-ups of my genitals to see if you are paying attention - don't worry, they will be abstract. Even if you don't scroll through each image that may come, mayhaps it will inspire you to do something small artistically everyday.