D E S T R U C T I O N + N O T E S / by Shawna Miller

Hello there! Recently there was a huge snafu on the site which removed a ton of content - all operator error in a late-night insomniactic haze. I woke up the next morning to an "oops" feeling deep in my gut. However, I shall not go down with tears. I will post thoughts, raves, and rantings as they come into my mind. I hope you enjoy them as much I will enjoy reading myself think.  

This section, of which I have titled 'conversations' will be just that. Sometimes those conversations happen just in my head - but they are still conversations nonetheless. My goal of these conversations is to stop hiding behind myself and allow my inner being to grow in a proper and beautiful way. Sometimes they will be notes to myself, random thoughts that will mean nothing to the reader, or just plain gibberish. Being hidden is no longer on my to-do list - specifically being hidden because I feel like my work is not valuable or that my words are not meant to be heard. 

I don't think we as humans view ourselves in a meaningful and loving way enough. Too often do we subject ourselves to the abrasive opinions of others, count their words as being the truth, and then smother any unique quality we have because we feel like we don't fit in to some random list of qualifications for being human, for being female/male, for being artists, for being alive. Well, damn it, you weren't meant to fit in. You were meant to be unique and to find the beauty of your inner being. You were meant to be...well...whoever it is you want to be. Just allow yourself to be it. 

So, there is my first-second-first-post. I am working on posts from my recent trip to Ireland, my experience walking and protesting in the NYC Cannabis parade and rally, my current paintings/photographs/arts and experiences with other humans viewing my self-portraits. All of which are very exciting and thrilling (feel the sarcastic confidence there?).

Until Then,
  - S