I R E L A N D / by Shawna Miller

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a land that has been on my bucket list since I was a small child. The visit, though limited in time and location, was a game changer for me spiritually and emotionally. Let me ask you a question: have you ever walked into a place and felt like you have been there before? This is how I felt about the land of Ireland.

The stay was concentrated mostly in southern Dublin but also included an incredible visit across the island where a viewing of the Cliffs of Moher could be had. The weather could not have been more sublime - every day a different feel: rainy, foggy, sunny, cold, misty, warm - basically Ireland. I was beyond thrilled when I was able to walk the streets of Dublin in the rain, and when the visit to the Cliffs of Moher, the "baby cliffs" (as our guide so cheekishly called them), as well as a 12 hour incredible rural tour of Ireland was filled with rain, fog, and mist. It was perfect in every single way. I will post a few images from the trip here - every single image has a different feel because, well, the days were very different. I hope you enjoy the images that I have posted here and will continue to post.

This visit was more than just a simple holiday. I took the time while there to think heavily about myself as an artist and how I perceive my art as being valuable or not. My camera made the journey along with my journal, a pen, and questions I had for my inner being. I will continue to post as I rustle through everything - slowly un-wrapping the truths I found there and displaying them here. 


Cliffs of Moher