Rocky Mountain High + Banner Design / by Shawna Miller

Don't worry, this is going to read nothing like the title suggests. The past two days included fantastical moments of hiking within the Rocky Mountains. Having it be so close to the Hobbit Hole means many opportunities for having insane moments of clarity due to both lack of oxygen and intense focus on what your body is doing at any given moment. Yesterday this mixture gave me a couple moments of clarity with regards to social media, my role within it, and design. Today I will only write about one very specific design change that I have already implemented in order to simplify my work even more.

I have had my current logo for nearly 2 years now. It is pretty basic, but sells the name of my business, which is me. That is how the simplicity of my website and logo came about. Having a love for critiquing my own work, I have found that this logo and her sister logo-type needed an update, but first it's time to update the dreaded Facebook business page! Ahh! I swear, I never post on that fucker, and not because I don't want to, oh wait, yeah, that's what it is. I really do not enjoy Facebook. It just feels sticky. 

Back to the banner design - we are talking promotion on a site to try and filter viewers to my Instagram page, but also keeping it simple. Seeing as humans enjoy symmetric design as it is easy to follow, I decided to go that route in hopes for a bit of a lingering the viewing department, and then mayhaps a quick journey to my Instagram page - which I am being the currently being most open about my work on.  Being in the misty mountains yesterday allowed for the perfect opportunity to merge my need for design as well as simplicity. Down below you can check out the new banner design. 

You can check out a few pics from the trip in the Rockies HERE. A couple of those shots would not have been possible without the coaxing from a guy named Sam who was also hiking the same trail. There is no way my stubby ass would have gone up those rocks without some serious encouragement and knowledge that I had a soft landing in case of a full-on body tumble. Thanks, Sam. 

So the background shot is from inside the Rocky Mountain National Park - taken around 6pm, on the way out of the park. There was some intense weather changes that allowed for the surrounding area to be enveloped in this incredible mist. The kind of weather that makes you feel alive. I chose to take the opportunity to use the Facebook business cover image to become short-hand information for my most current work. Hopefully this will allow me to filter those viewers to my Instagram feed.