The Gift of Sound - Not Yet Vision / by Shawna Miller

While an incredible studio space is currently being built on our rental property, I am forced to go over some electric art - specifically hashing out and editing the shit out of old images. Mostly with the focus on processing those images that are in some way or another incredibly technically flawed. After a while this sort of thing becomes an addiction. You find the most over-exposed image and process your way around understanding how to make that piece work. Over the years there has been a growth in my adoration for technically flawed pieces of art, but as a photographer it can be hard to go over old images - this could be for any number of reasons - especially if you are an art photographer. When the waves of (insert whatever artistic flaw one feels they have here) start piling up, it can become difficult to press on. However seeing as photography is currently my only outlet for artistic expression I on. So when I lack vision, what do I turn to? Or who, that is?

Music. I turn to music. There are certain artists, certain songs, certain albums that can push me through a halt in artistic productivity. I can feel your anticipation for wanting to know what it is I listen too, but first, I must hedge a bit. I am not an audiophile nor am I a musician. These are just a few of the tunes that push me. These are just a few random bits from my past and my current that have always kinda brought me back to life, in one way or another. I could write about each one, but to be honest, I need to write another blog post tomorrow, so I will work on that for then. Hail the lazy artist! 

So here is a bit of the tunage that gives me feels of confidence, movement, and love:

(clicking here will send you to my YouTube playlist)