Focusing on what makes us unique, rare, and truly wonderful individuals is the aspiration for this series of 200 photographs.  Adults tend to focus on their “flaws”.  The constant focus on these “flaws” holds us back, prohibiting growth of our inner-selves.

The photographs in this piece are completed in red, black, and white.  I kept the “flawed” balloons red to show the visual power and weight of our perceived character “flaws”.  The positive personal trait balloons are white – emphasizing how easily they can fade into the background.  The all behind each person varies, symbolizing the different ways we build our lives: one piece at time.

I ventured to three different states and numerous cities to photograph all of the participants.  The 100 people photographed ranged in emotions from nervous to excited.  They all have one thing in common: recognizing the fact, vulnerability is the first step to self-acceptance.

This project began as a personal mission to help my inner-self grow.  It then evolved into something much more splendid.  Hopefully, the viewer is able to connect with the great things that make each person unique, rare, and truly individual – flaws and all.